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June 2014 living the dream - George Lyons at the Indianapolis Speedway

George Lyons drives "side by side" with one of his heros, #98 Parnelli Jones, at the Indianapolis Speedway!

This photo is, also, a great tribute to, car builder, A.J. Watson, who died May 12th 2014, at the age of 90.

June 2014 living the dream, too. Bob Dicks drives his Agajanian roadster at the Indianapolis Speedway!

Bob Dicks, driving his Agajanian roadster by one of the most famous buildings in the racing world

  Double vision! Bob Dicks, in his replica #98, follows Parnelli Jones, in his real #98, into turn 1 at the Indianapolis Speedway!

 16 Dec 13           Roadsters at Rest!

George Lyons sent this great photo of his two Watson roadsters, "living the good life" in a special corner of his garage.

19 Mar 13      1961 Thompson Industries Spl.

The, Barney Christiansen built, Thompson Industries Spl. is currently being restored by owner, Mike Guffey and Steve Truchan, This car was driven, in 1961, by Bobby Grim to a 32nd place finish. It was driven, in 1962, by Lloyd Ruby to an 8th place finish.

Here is photo of the car in Truchan's shop

18 Sept 12        Safety Auto Glass Spl. comes down from the roof!

After 50 years of sitting on the roof of the Safety Auto Glass store in Indianapolis, the #95 "Safety Auto Glass Spl." Kurtis 500C roadster came down to earth. This car ran in the Indy 500 in 1955 and 1956 driven by Sam Hanks as the Jones and Maley Spl. It was last run at the Indianapolis Speedway in 1961 as the Safety Auto Glass Spl.

It has been sold to Chris Paulsen and Gary Schroeder for a complete restoration as the 1956 Jones and Maley Spl. it will be run at vintage events.

 18 Sept 12        New roadsters at Fontana!

Two new roadsters made their debut at the 2012 Fontana Ca. vintage meet.

Steve Waugh's Hemi powered #13 is finished off with a great red, white and blue paint job featuring the Mobil "red flying horse" logo. 

Ray Alcaraz red and white #77 

Dec. 20 2011

Lesovsky roadster on the auction block!

The 1962, "Lugie" Lesovsky built, #21 Sarkes Tarzian Spl, owned by the Milhous Collection. will be auctioned Feb 24-25 in Boca Raton Fla.

Another interesting Indy car, the 1949 rear engine, OFFY powered Rounds Rocket, will also be sold.

UPDATE Feb 29 2012 

The Sarkes Tarzian roadster sold for 330 thousand dollars and the Rounds Rocket sold for 275 thousand dollars. These prices were well above original estimates. 

The new owner of the Sarkes Tarzian #21 is Tom Malloy of Corona Ca. 

Aug. 19 2011

Two Watson roadsters from the Bob McConnell garage have been sold!

The new owner of the 1963 #95 "Diet Rite Cola" car is Chuck Spielman.

      The new owner of the 1963 #16 "Coral Harbor Spl." is George Lyons. This is George's 3rd Watson roadster as he also owns a Watson built recreation car and the !963 #46 "Racing Associates Spl."

15 FEB 2011

Two Roadsters on the Auction Block

The #39 Carmen-McGee roadster was sold at the January, Barrett Jackson auction in Scotsdale AZ. 

This Chevy powered car was built in 1962 by Dick Carmen and, well known Indy car mechanic and team manager, Jim McGee. 

 This car never raced! It sold for 110 thousand..... buyer unknown

The 1962 #96 Crawford-Elder OFFY roadster will be on the auction block during the RM Auction at the Amelia Island Fla. Concours in March 2011. 

This car was owned by Ray Crawford and driven in the 1962 Indy 500 by Bob Veith. 

 The car is currently owned by Brock Yates.

Update: 3 April 2011

This car sold for 181,500 dollars..... buyer unknown 

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